Rhomberg Bau Wien GmbH

Rhomberg Bau Wien GmbH is a part of the Rhomberg Group, which is an international, family-owned construction company with several 3400 employees all over Austria, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Ireland, Australia, and Canada. Rhomberg’s headquarter is in Bregenz/Austria. The group of companies specializes in the areas of construction, resources, and rail technology. The name Rhomberg goes back to the founder Cornelius Rhomberg, who laid the foundation stone for the group of companies as early as 1886. The managing directors today are Hubert Rhomberg and Ernst Thurnher.

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People associated with this partner

Paul Rasper

business development manager & produktmanager

With my responsibility of product manager paired with the business development of standardized and systematic renovation I am responsible for our hands on approach within the BuildUPspeed project.

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Raj Mailaram

project worker - technician

Raj Mailaram is a driven civil engineering bachelor student and a technician with 2 years of experience at Rhomberg Bau Wien GmbH, currently involved in the large-scale Project BuildUPspeed. He is committed to learning and growing as a professional, with a strong work ethic and collaborative approach that make him a valuable team member in the Austrian eco system. Raj is passionate about delivering high-quality results and always seeks out new challenges to expand his expertise which will be a benefit for the whole project.

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