The Spanish ecosystem relays on three pillars: the policy side, represented by Valencia Region, and specifically on the regional Ministry of housing, under which the regional social housing association or the local hosing offices network; the market side, represented by ACR, construction company with a portfolio of more than 500 renovation projects, with the experience, innovation and resources needed to lead the transformation of construction industry and pioneer in both industrialised construction and renovation projects; and the clustering side, represented by PTEC, with more than 153 direct partners, including large companies, clusters, and technology centres and with a wide network of connections, which indirectly makes PTEC to have an informative outreach of more than 2000 entities, mainly SMEs, thus covering homogeneously the innovation ecosystem in the Spanish construction sector.

All sides complement and are needed for the set up and/or improvement of renovation strategies based on industrialization and are specifically interested in its benefits and advantages in order to achieve the number of renovations needed to achieve 2050 decarbonization targets. Main focus of the pilot, being the actual market penetration of industrialized solutions very low (1%), therefore, learning, applying and disseminating will be the main focus of the pilot experiences, centred on the exploitation of the BuildUPspeed MAP tool the exploration of the concepts for service factory and assembly factory as an evolution of some incepting experiences.

Over the experience in previous projects (DRIVE 0, INFINITE, re-MODULEES, METABUILDINGs, METABUILDING LABs or STEP-UP), both PTEC and ACR include specific working groups on industrialization of construction and renovation processes and previous experiences such as prefabrication use, LEAN construction management or inceptional district pop-up service factory.

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