Innovative renovation concepts with a high degree of prefabrication have been investigated in several research projects in the past and have achieved market-ready products, at least in niche markets in Austria (Rhomberg, BauKarussell). The integration of building service systems in modular building envelope elements with a high degree of prefabrication showed enormous potential for large-scale building refurbishment (Salüh!, HVACviaFacade, MultiTA). The Austrian ecosystem developed solutions able to reduce the final energy demand of existing buildings by more than 80% through minimally invasive renovation and to supply them via climate-neutral renewable energies (e80^3; CREE).

The main goals of the Austrian Ecosystem will be:

  • Business models with performance guarantees for the end users
  • Market uptake for in one solution for circular building renovation
  • Fully digitalised processes for serial, multifunctional CO2-neutral building renovation by means of non-invasive, flexible and energy-active envelope elements enabling existing buildings to act as part of integrated energy systems
  • Collaborative models and digital framework to enable contractors to skill up their existing local partners to serial construction concepts and local Pop-up factories.
  • Social Urban Mining – recovery-oriented demolition of facilities with a special focus on re-use and high value recycling. Social Urban Mining creates social added value by integrating social businesses in the operational activities. Support building owners by means of a customized service package from deconstruction planning to implementation.
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