International Union of Property Owners

The International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) is a pan-European non-profit association comprising 31 organisations from 28 countries. Jointly, they represent more than 5 million private property owners of some 20 to 25 million dwellings all over Europe!


People associated with this partner

Anna Klöpper

project and communication officer

Thanks to experience in previous EU projects and their expertise in the policy sphere, the UIPI team is well acquainted with issuing policy recommendations. Through analysing the barriers encountered in the projects, Anna will put together a report with recommendations and roadmap to further replicate the BuildUPspeed concept.

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Maria Figueira

project and event manager

As experienced Event manager, Maria will support the project through organizing awareness raising events, aiming at implementing, exploiting and promoting the BuildUPspeed results for stakeholders on a wide European scale.

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