PTEC is a private non-profit association focused on contributing to the improvement of the construction sector through public-private cooperation in R+D+i, carried out between companies, business associations, clusters, universities, RTOs…

People associated with this partner

Paula Menéndez Álvarez

responsible of european projects

Economist by the Complutense University of Madrid, Paula has extensive experience in the delivery and management of European projects, in recent years specialized in innovation projects within the sector. She also has extensive experience in the management of national projects. Currently managing several European Projects in the PTEC. Regarding BuildUPspeed, Paula will be responsible for the implementation of the main tasks in which PTEC is involved, as well as for the success of tasks 7.4 and 7.5, for which she is the task leader.

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Carlos Martínez Bertrand

managing director

Over sixteen years of experience in the construction industry working as Deputy R&D Director since 2006, Carlos has coordinated more than twenty R&D projects and he coordinates the Infrastructure Strategic Group of the Spanish Technology Platform Construction. He was also the coordinator of the European FP7 project OPTIRAIL. Managing Director of PTEC since June 2018 and Innovation Director of SEOPAN since January 2020. Regarding BuildUPspeed, Carlos is responsible for the financial and justification part as well as decision making on relevant tasks.

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Cristina Gallego Sanz

technical and projects manager

Agricultural Engineering by Madrid Polytechnic University. She has more than 15 years of experience in Innovation management within multidisciplinary engineering companies. Experienced Project Manager and skilled in the European Union in technological areas such as Energy, Civil engineering, and environment. Responsible for coordinating H2020 projects, LIFE + projects and R&D projects at national level. Regarding BuildUPspeed, Cristina will provide support in those tasks related to her experience and knowledge.

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Marcos Ortiz Vandenplas

project technician

Geographer (University of Valencia), specialized in Environmental Sciences (ULB Université Libre de Bruxelles), over 20 years of experience in the follow-up of European Research Programs. Main professional activities developed with the Spanish Regional Administration (Valencia) and private companies located in Madrid and Brussels (TYPSA, Proymasa and INDRA). Also worked several years (8) as a contractual agent in the European Commission in the Directorate General Environment (Water and LIFE Unit) and DG RTD (Climate Change Unit). Regarding BuildUpSpeed, Marcos will provide support in those tasks related to her experience and knowledge.

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