NOBATEK/INEF4 is a French RTO specialized in Sustainable construction providing market services and R&D activities. The Centre deals with the development of new construction/renovation technologies and methodologies, with high energy performances, circular economy, constructive systems and materials.

People associated with this partner

Aurélien Henon

engineer - project manager

Since 2009 Aurélien has worked for more than 10 EU funded international projects. He joined Nobatek in 2011 as a Project Manager. He is in charge of projects related to energy performance of buildings, thermal dynamical simulation, and the development of decision-making tools to help in the choice of energy efficient solutions. Since 2017, he has been the manager of an engineering team dedicated to energy solutions for the construction sector (RES for buildings, prototyping/demonstration, advanced simulation tools).

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Benjamin Varela

mechanical and energy engineer

As an engineer specialized in energy, applied mechanics, and simulation, Benjamin is working in Nobatek in applied research projects, developing new energy solutions for buildings. He is also involved in the coordination of the French ecosystem for BuildUPspeed, facilitating the implementation of the innovation for deep retrofitting, working together with building owners, urban developers, and solutions providers.

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Maia Louvard

civil engineer

Maia has been working for more than 8 years in the sustainable construction sector, through a large variety of roles: building owner support for the energy performance of residential buildings, engineering and design departments (HVAC, construction site supervision), services to technology providers for the developments of new construction products, integration of low carbon products to the building design (bio sourced, reuse). In BuildUPspeed, Maia will make the most of this experience to facilitate BuildUPspeed’s innovation within the French ecosystem context.

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Thomas Garnesson

wood construction engineer

Thomas has 7 years of experience in research activities for sustainable construction sector. In addition to the skills related to timber construction technologies, Thomas acquired knowledge in the hygrothermal behaviour of building envelopes.

Thomas joined NOBATEK/INEF4 in 2014 as engineer. He works on design and assessment of new products for buildings. He carries out missions of technological support for industrialists of the construction sector. Thomas works also on national and international research projects.

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