The first Italian energy lending crowdfunding platform.

An end-to-end solution beneficial for companies and investors with a clear purpose: to facilitate and finance energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental sustainability projects. Crowdfunding is an innovative, digital financing method through which a promoter of a green initiative asks for funds from a wide range of potential investors (retail or institutional) in exchange for a financial return.


People associated with this partner

Niccolò Sovico


Degree in Energy and Nuclear Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino with experience in the USA. He has skills in the ESCo field. Blockchain technology expert. Technical and financial analysis for BuildUPspeed projects.

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Paolo Alberico Fiori

business developer

Graduated in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. Business Developer with knowledge in the world of investments and energy. Financial and market analysis for BuildUPspeed, crowdfunding campaign analysis.

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Zeno Gorini

project manager

Degree in International Relations at the University of Milan. Consulting experience in the financial and energy B2C-B2B field and project management, expert in the sustainability sector. Market analysis for BuildUPspeed and crowdfunding campaign manager.

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Julia Semeniuk

project manager

Degree in Economics at the University of Bologna, currently studying Greening Energy and Finance. Extensive experience in business development and project management for startups in the climate sector. General Project Manager for BuildUPspeed.

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