Construcciones ACR

Construcciones ACR is a construction company which was founded in 1973 and belongs to ACR Group. The company initiated the extensive business activity which has low lasted over five decades. Since it started business, ACR Group has stood out as a company with a clear industrial vocation in project management on the building sector, ensuring deadlines, guaranteeing levels of quality, and taking its customers’ commitments on board as though they were its own. Nowadays, the company is divided into two main business units: New Developments, and refurbishment. 

ACR Group considers innovation as the basis of the evolution the sector is experimenting. This evolution demands us to achieve the highest quality in all our processes through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. In this context, the company has been investing in the digitalization of its worksites. A good example of this process corresponds to BIM that is fully implemented in our projects. 

ACR represents the market side of the Spanish ecosystem pilot of the project. 

ACR is pioneer in both industrialised construction and renovation projects in Spain.  

ACR will provide its experience in the construction sector projects as well as its knowledge of the market that can provide a holistic approach including the design and the implementation of high efficiency energy solutions in a real construction worksite and the real needs and impacts of the sector.  

People associated with this partner

Jesus Alonso

innovation director

Mr. Jesus Alonso is M. Sc. Mining Engineer (Polytechnic University of Madrid- UPM), MBA (EAE Business School) and Master in Tunnelling and Underground Works as well as R&D Management (Polytechnic University of Madrid- UPM). He has more than 15 years’ experience in participating, managing and coordinating of national and international R&D projects, including Horizon 2020 projects, many of them related to Energy Efficiency in buildings, transport infrastructures and the application of new technologies to the construction sector. He has also written diverse papers related to this topic, which have been published by relevant organisms such as IEEE.  

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María Ibáñez Puy

head of r&d projects

Dr. María Ibáñez-Puy is a Building Engineering, MSc in Environmental Management and Building Design, and PhD in Building Engineering (University of Navarra). All her career has been related with energy efficiency and sustainability in the field of architecture, focusing on adaptive and active façades. She has participated and managed several research projects related to energy saving in buildings, funded by regional and national governments and by the European Union and she is author of several scientific papers.

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Sebastián Casalderrey

innovation technician

Mr. Sebastián Casalderrey is M. Sc. Civil, Channels and Ports Engineer (University of La Coruña). He is currently developing his career participating in innovation projects within the construction company ACR. Previously, he has worked as a project technician at ITG Centro Tecnológico Nacional and as a verifier of building projects in the Breeam Spain sustainability certification. 

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