Our coordinator speaks about circular deep renovation

Did you know that we only reuse 12%* of the materials we consume in society? We could do much better!

Our coordinator Maria Sara Di Maggio spoke at a lunch lecture at ABT bv last week about ‘circular deep renovation’, where 100% of the materials are potentially reused. ABT is a sister company of both Huygen and Quake within Oosterhoff. In BuildUPspeed we investigate the possibilities of circular deep renovation in the built environment. We aim to contribute to making all buildings in the EU CO2-free and to accelerate circular renovation processes.

One of the pillars of the research is the introduction of fully automated local pop-up factories. A pop-up factory is a way to bring together local construction techniques and craftsmanship with prefab construction methods and a people-oriented approach. This reflects the new EU Bauhaus movement that strives to integrate art, social life and sustainability into building design. Kerkrade already has an example of a pop-up factory on the site of SUPERLOCAL – Super Circular Estate. Here they reused the materials of 2 empty high-rise flats for the construction of approximately 130 new homes and the design of the public area. The lessons learned from this case will be applied in the Dutch pilot project of BuildUPspeed.

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