The French use case of BuildUPspeed integrates the actual main restructuration/renovation project of the Metropole of Bordeaux (GPV Rive Droite). Main figures of this urban multi years project are: 4 municipalities on 3200 Ha, in 2021-2026 period > 5000 housing to renovated / reconstructed (and >25000 housing in total in next 20 years with renovation and new construction), 30 public buildings to be renovated, 5 projects of urban renovation, 1 peripherical urban disadvantaged area (> 10000 persons located on a peripherical and disadvantaged area), 1 port area, 6 commercial areas, 65 000 inhabitants whose 1 of 7 lives in priority districts with renovation needs.

The GPV Rive Droite project counts with important programs and roadmaps on social housing renovation and Circular Economy (territorial and industrial ecology) with the use of local material flows, in first instance from C&D sector. These two concerns will be the specificities of this use case for the development of BuildUpspeed activities. The GPV Rive Droite has also digital territorial management tools (Map, UpCyclea)

In term of ecosystem, the French use case ecosystem is constituted by crucial actors of the existing large ecosystem of the GPV Rive Droite. There are NOBATEK/INEF4 (national RTO on sustainable construction), DOMOFRANCE (main social landlord in the area), IBS (wood industrialized solutions SME, acting in the region), and as secondary partners the GIP GPV (public coordinator of the GPV Rive Droite), ODEYS (cluster for sustainable construction), ENSAP Bdx (school of architecture), UpCyclea (digital tools for material flow management), Union Regionale HLM, Aquitanis and Vilogia (social landlords union, and big social landlords), and Energiesprong France. Various of these actors (NOBATEK, DOMOFRANCE, VILOGIA, Energiesprong) are implanted in this territory but have also a national field of actions that will be used to maximize dissemination and impacts.

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